Temple Tour of Kyoto

Kyoto is known for being able to let people get a glimpse into traditional Japanese life. It was the center of Japanese social and religious life for many years. The streets are lined with traditional buildings and temples from times gone by. One of the most well known things to do in Kyoto is explore…


when I close my eyes to fall asleep it’s the first time all day that I can finally see


Glitz and glam may be nice and it does look pretty but just remember I’ll be asking you not your diamonds to tell your story


why are you crying he asked because “I love you” I whispered

Milk & Honey

I love words. How they can be strung together to move someone to feel any range of emotion is beautiful to me. So I find myself naturally being drawn to poetry as an art form. While I do sometimes try to write my own (and I’ll post those here occasionally), I especially enjoy reading other…