Laura: Liberated

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the universe, Laura: Liberated.

Liberated? Liberated from what exactly?

Well I’m glad you asked.

lauraGrowing up, I was a planner. I knew where I was supposed to be & what I was supposed to be doing at all times. This mentality melted over into my regular life. Go to college. Get a job. Find a husband. Buy a house. Have kids. That’s what people from suburban Maryland do. So that became my plan. That was where I “supposed” to be & what I was “supposed” to be doing. The expectations of what my life should be were laid out perfectly in front of me.

Somewhere along the way I became unsure if fulfilling those expectations would give me a happy life. And soon I found myself rejecting them all together. I am not close to where I am “supposed” to be or what I am “supposed” to be doing. So this is me figuring out what’s next.

This is just me trying to figure adult life out.

Liberated of any expectations.