Things I’ll Miss About Korea

As my friends and I battle the different stages of culture shock, it can be very easy to spiral into a negative head space where we just constantly bash on Korea.

In those really dark moments, the ones where we’re all thinking “Why the heck are we here?” we like to play the game “Things I’ll Miss About Korea” to remind us of all the positive things and experiences we have had here so far.

Don’t mistake this game for us wanting to leave. The vast majority of us are considering staying on for another year. So we all have a while to go. It’s just good to know that when everything seems like it sucks, there are lots of positive things that we love about this country and will eventually miss when we leave.

So without further ado here is a list of Things I’ll Miss About Korea, when I finally end up going back home:

  • Being constantly told I am pretty all the time. Even if I haven’t put on make-up.
  • Heated floors in every apartment
  • Carbs at EVERY meal. Really. I’m still not over the time my high school served bread, pasta AND rice all in the same meal.
  •  삼겹살
  • The relative cheapness of everything compared to back home
  • Things open late and stay open late because Koreans hate waking up early but love staying up late
  • Endless karaoke rooms
  • Not having keys – Koreans use electric keypads to lock their doors and I can’t express how nice it is not to have to worry about losing keys.
  • The overall safety of the country
  • Gmarket. This is like an online target. You place your order and within a day or two at most your order will magically appear at your door step.
  • The ease with which you can pay your bills. Just go to any ATM, scan your bill and done!
  • Convenient, cheap and easy public transportation
  • All of the mountains, which give the landscape a beautiful feeling even when covered in fog
  • Korean ice cream, its cheap and plentiful
  • Kpop. It’s cringe-inducing but also wonderful. I guess I can listen to Kpop wherever I am, but it won’t be the same being surrounded by a culture that perpetuates it
  • The amount of likes my instagrams get (haha
  • The friends I have made here

And that’s all I can think of for now, which is pretty good for when you’re feeling down. I am sure there will be a second installment of this another day.


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  1. Aunt JULIE says:

    That is a wonderful list of good things about Korea to remember when you’re feeling homesick or frustrated. It’s much longer than I expected when I first started reading. When you find more things, as I’m sure you will, you should update regularly!
    You are missed back here, but I love hearing about your adventures!


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